Urns for Ashes

The Adult and Children Cremation Urns for ashes include a large line of Urns Materials of Brass, Wood, Glass, Marble, Ceramic Raku and Biodegradable Urns.  The Variety of Styles is almost endless including Keep The Memory Urns, Angel and Religious Urns, Sports Urns, Veterans Urns, Art Urns and much more.  Our line of Child and Baby Urns offer unique choices for any parent, which include Angles, Hearts & Teddy Bears.


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Urns For Ashes - All our urns are for ashes: Jewelry Urns, Keepsake Urns, Baby Urns and Adult Urns for Ashes. Here are some things to think about before buying an urn.

What Will You Do With the Urn

It's important to consider what you intend to do with the ashes of your loved one. Will you scatter them on land or water or will they be kept at home, interred in a niche or buried? Some people keep all or some and place in a casket with a spouse or other loved one. There are many options and deciding what to do will create the choice for what urn for ashes do I need? 

Finding the Right Urns for Ashes means several things. If you plan to scatter the ashes, are you going to travel to a location to do that? All our urns are TSA approved. You will not have a problem with placing our urn in the bin at the airport and letting them scan the urn. Their rule is NOT to open the urn, weather it is brass, a paper urn for scattering or a wood urn. Bring the cremation permit or other paper work that the crematorium gave you as this aids in the speed with which you will be processed. They are looking for dangerous materials and since cremains are 100% non-toxic they will not be concerned with them. Also, be sure to take them as a carry on only, as they could be misplaced if luggage is lost.

Many of our urns and keepsakes for ashes are unique to In the Light Urns and can't be found anywhere else. The reason is that we create our own products and have been changing the industry since we started 19 years ago in 2001. With that in mind, you may never have seen these products before. The urn jewelry pendants, Keep The Memory™ Series, and unusual wood urns like the Log Cabin Urns are only found here. As a result we feel responsible for assisting you with your urn for ashes. So we are available more than 24 hours per day and will often respond via email after business hours. Our exclusive line of products makes our company stand out from the rest, because we care about creativity and personalization of companion, adult, jewelry and keepsake urns. Call us any time with your questions.

Many families will choose to have an earth burial service in a cemetery. These are very personalized, affordable and can be environmentally friendly. Some urns for ashes are water burial and land burial and have several shapes and sizes. There are urns meant for ashes that are scattered in the ocean or lakes or any body of water like a river. One of the wonderful things about urns is that there are so many different choices now a days. Your loved one may have been interested in fishing or soccer, In the Light Urns has the right memorial for you. We specialize in custom and engravable urns and work hard to bring some personality to your loved ones final resting place. At In the Light Urns you can expect the very best of service and products. Our memorial urns are some of the most unique on the market today and we guarantee all funeral urns for a lifetime, the longest guarantee in the funeral industry.

Our mission is to provide a unique urn product line at reasonable prices. And we only can do that through being involved with the industry and seeking out new kinds of urns for ashes. We kindly take your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on our urns and keepsakes.

Our blog of urns and uses is constantly changing and is always a wonderful resource for information after losing a loved. In the Light Urns is constantly adding valuable information that can guide you through the process of memorializing a loved one that you have lost. 

We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult thing to deal with. As a result we feel responsible for assisting you with your memorial. We are available more than 24 hours per day and will often respond via email after business hours. We are pleased offer one of the finest collections of cremation urns available today. Thank you for letting us assist you during this difficult time and making this special last purchase for your loved one. In the Light Urns - We're here to help after losing a loved one.