Violet Sunrise Ornament Or Sun Catcher Glass Urn


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The Violet Sunrise Ornament Or Sun Catcher Glass Urn is a wave of color as a celebration of a loved ones life. Hang on Christmas tree or in a window, this keepsake urn is just 1" thick and offers versatility. Ashes are added through a small opening in the glass and can be seen slightly through the glass. A wonderful way to share the holidays with a loved one in heaven and throughout the year. The glass along with the ashes create a unique gift of love that can be enjoyed, and admired everyday.

Size & Measurements:

The Violet Sunrise Ornament Or Sun Catcher Glass Urn measures approximately 4 1/2" tall and holds a small amount of ashes. A fill kit is included to easily fill with ashes and seal.

Additional Features:

*Lifetime Warranty
*Exclusive Glass Art Urn
*Caring Professional Service


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This company is very customer oriented, and the help they gave me is greatly appreciated.
I would highly recommend this Company for any memorial needs.


Fri, 12/06/2019 - 14:13

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