Wholesale Cremation Urns


United Priority Distributors, LLC is an excellent place to find superior funeral urns and cremation keepsake jewelry at wholesale prices. Funeral Directors looking for products that offer personalization for their clients will find them at UPD. The understanding people at United Priority Distributors, LLC believe that families should be able to express their grief with personalized memorial. Thus, they are host to numerous cost effective urns and keepsakes.

The overall philosophy at United Priority Distributors is that one shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for low cost. This belief-system is evident in the outstanding craftsmanship and wholesale prices of the urns and keepsakes featured at United Priority Distributors.

The variety is vast. Such as the Rosary Keepsake Urn, which serves as a poignant keepsake to Catholic families. The small opening at the base of the item allows for cremains, a lock of hair, or any other small relic to be placed inside. Despite their lovely appearance and unique design, the Rosary Keepsake urns offers to you, an exclusive variety. The 44 Magnum Bullet is another exclusive and is purchased by loving family members of police officers, those in the military and gun enthusiasts.

Free Shipping and Free Engraving ALWAYS to Funeral Homes. Priced right, these wholesale cremation urns are evidence that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to offer a great variety to your clients. Contact United Priority Distributors, LLC directly at (877)-218-0929 or go to our website for more information.

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