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Wood Cremation Keepsake Urns

Our wood keepsakes section includes hearts, scattering tubes, hourglass urns, tool boxes, ducks and more. Personalization is available with every wood urn we offer. See the drum sticks, and soda or beer bottles, we feel we offer the most special wood keepsakes available anywhere.

Sometimes in life we have warning when the passing of a loved one is on the horizon; other times, tragedy strikes and we find ourselves alone suddenly, with no warning. No matter how they are taken from us, it is still painful and we must go through the grieving process. Often, finding that special "something" helps us find closure, and we feel that we offer the best to remember and respect loved one's while going through a spiritual change. Our wood keepsake urns help keep those special memories alive.

Wood offers a connection with the earth and life and can be a beautiful remembrance to last many life times. If you don't see something that you would like, please contact us, thank you.