Cremation Keepsakes

The Keepsake Cremation Urn collection of brass, glass, wood, marble and more allows you to choose a small urn to hold a small amount of ashes.  Each unique urn keeps your memories close. Keepsakes allow each friend member or friend to have a cremation keepsake memento - forever.


Keepsakes by Material

Keepsakes by Theme

At In the Light Urns, Inc. we offer a large variety of cremation urns made with many different materials and themes. We understand that you are going through a heart wrenching time, perhaps the most difficult you have ever experienced. Our exquisite collection of brass, glass and marble cremation keepsakes allow you to choose an urn that is unique to your needs, and helps you remember your loved one and all of the special times you shared.

There are many memorials you could choose from, but making a decision about a special piece that will forever remind you of a loved one and help you feel them close to you, is an experience that is much more than just "picking out" something. We have Angel Keepsake Urns, Teddy Bear Keepsakes and Music Boxes, of exquisite beauty, intricate details and affordable prices. You want a cremation urn keepsake that is not only a loving memorial, and ordinary simply won't do.

If you are looking for something that is dramatically different and classic in looks, our variety keepsake urns made of wood, like Wood Scattering Urns, Tool Box Keepsake Urns, Wood Heart Urns, and Born to Ride Urns.  The popular Mini Brass Keepsakes hold a small amount of ashes with the option of Love Charms, which are stunning memorials. When someone you love goes on to eternity, you want to remember them in a way that celebrates their life and the passions they enjoyed.

At In the Light Urns, Inc. we know these are hard decisions to make. You are grieving, and this is an important decision for you and your family to make. Our goal is to help you make this one decision a little easier by providing a variety of keepsake urns in brass, glass, marble and other materials that are of the highest quality and affordable, so that you can have one less worry on your mind during this emotional time.