Burial Urns, Memorials and Urns for Burial

Look for the urn description:  WEATHER RESISTANT URN  These urns can be buried in the earth or water, or left outside.

For hundreds of years, burial urns have been used for containing the ashes of our loved ones to be buried. Throughout history, various designs of funeral urns were used according to the culture's art and rituals. Preserving the ashes of our loved ones in a container with beautiful designs has always been important.

Cremation is a practice that is used in many places throughout the world. Protecting a loved ones remains in some sort of vessel has always been an almost religious ritual. In ancient history, the Egyptians wrapped the deceased to create the "mummy" effect we have all seen over the years.

In recent years, cremation has become more popular than ever, this is partly due to the expense of purchasing a casket and vault for a loved one. Urns for burial are affordable for anyone, especially those who don't have burial insurance or simply cannot afford the costs of a traditional burial.

Choosing to cremate a loved one can be difficult, especially if they did not make their wished known before passing. However, it is still a wonderful option and offers some of the same benefits you receive with a casket burial. For example, urns are protective and come in many designs perfect for whatever taste you have. They are buried under the ground, and often marked with a traditional headstone just as with casket burials.

Over the last few years, protecting the environment and making things earth friendly and more green conscious has become a very important issue. We discuss this issue and many more on our burial urns information site. Everyone wants to be more environmentally conscious. Today, many burial urns are biodegradable, which means the materials they are composed of are safe and organic. This means that they naturally decompose back into the Earth over time. It is usually the ritual of burying a loved one that is so important, not the fact of whether the container lasts for hundreds of years.

It isn't so much whether your loved one's remains are placed in a casket or urn that really matters, the ritual of burial has been an important one for thousands of years, and remains so today. Which way you choose to go depends upon the burial needs and financial means of your family. If a costly funeral is not something you can afford, burial urns are a very good option. Many times, the deceased chooses to be cremated before they pass, so choosing a natural urn that is biodegradable and earth friendly just makes good sense.

There have been many changes in the green urn burial movement. We are finding that more people are becoming environmentally conscious and will now choose to bury something that not biodegradable. While some are concerned with this, the most common memorial is to bury in a metal casket, which clearly is not biodegradable. We do not have a problem with this, but we do make an effort to make all our burial urns environmentally friendly. When you choose a metal casket to lay your loved one to rest, you are choosing a material that is not biodegradable. While this may not be an important issue to you, it is to many. Of course, the decision is always up to you and the wishes of the deceased if known. If you are conscious about the environment yet still want choices when it comes to cremation and the choices you have, consider burial urns. You can bury those who have passed in the same ritualistic way that has been around for centuries, without spending too much. You may choose to bury a brass, wood or marble urn and these can be found in our navigation bar at the top left of the page. Find beautiful and unique burial urns for ashes at In the Light Urns. We strive to bring the largest selection of urns for burial and biodegradable urns available today. We give you several choices with how you may use your burial urns. We include a biodegradable bag, so that you may choose either the whole urn or a bag that will not harm the environment. Thank you for viewing our collection of memorials.