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When a person one loves passes away, there is a need for the deceased person’s memories to live on. There is no better way to do this than the utilization of cremation urns. These urns are the most concealed place for the soul of the dead to respite.

In spite of the availability of cremation urns in various materials, styles and designs, the most popular ones are the classic pieces that were made by the ancient Greeks which had a vase like shape. This is unique, considering the rapid change that the world has witnessed over the past years regarding cremation, cremation urns are still popular.

It is important that while choosing an urn for ashes, one should consider a few factors. The first factor that we shall go through this article is the size of a cremation urn. These urns are available in various sizes, a few examples being large cremation urns that hold between 400-500 cubic inches and the most commonly used 170-350 cubic inches. The large urns are usually used by couples who would like their remains to be rest together while the standard ones are used per person. The smallest size available usually holds anything between a teaspoon to 50 cubic inches. These are used if the remains of a body are being shared between the members of a family.

The color of an urn depicts the tone of the memorial that a family would like. Cremation urns are available in colors ranging from the rainbow to those that are sober. Examples of this are when people with a lively personality have their urns brightly colored while the more serious ones have their urns colored in a dark and sober shade. Urns that are colored in shades of black, gray and brown are though to contain the remains of one that is knowledgeable and intelligent.

Urns are made of numerous materials; right from natural stones like granite and marble to bio-degradable material similar to paper. Urns are today made of materials that suit the environment it is being placed or buried in. An urn made of bronze is best suited for displays on the outside while the ones made of glass and wood can add to the beauty of any interior. Today, urns made of paper and cardboard are very popular. These are used when the families of the deceased does not intend storing the remains for a long period.

Urns are known to be beautiful largely due to its designs. Apart from the traditional Grecian urns, today these are available in the shape of kitchen ware, sporting goods, jewelry boxes and also motorcycle fuel tanks. Another from the ones mentioned, urns also take the shape of a hollow block like that of a rock and are placed in the outdoor. Today, cremation urns can be bought off the shelf rather than having them designed by artists.

The beauty of a special cremation urn is that by being able to the ashes of a loved one, their memories can also live close to our hearts.

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